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Our experts provide fascia, soffit and guttering services for properties of any size in Twickenham and surrounding areas

Our team of specialists are highly experienced at installing and repairing fascias, soffits and guttering for a wide range of property types. We design our fascia, soffit and guttering systems to be secure, durable and cost effective.

Fascias and soffits, also known as eaves or rafters, are the parts of the roof that make up the underside below the roof overhang. The fascia is the front section, while the soffit is the underside section of the roof overhang. 

Fascias and soffits play an important role in ventilating the roof, acting as a seal between the inside of the building and external elements and providing aesthetic enhancements to the property.

At Twickenham Roofing we provide a complete service for the installation and repair of all types of fascias, soffits and guttering throughout Twickenham and surrounding areas, including Brentford, Richmond, Wimbledon, Hounslow, Isleworth, New Malden, Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames, Teddington, Hampton, Feltham and more.

Our fascia, soffit & guttering services

We can help you improve your home with a wide range of fascia, soffit & guttering services including:

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Fascias are designed to protect the roof and seal the interior of the building from exposure to external elements. Fascias also provide the support to which guttering can be attached. 

There are a huge range of materials used to create fascia boards, including steel, cement, wood and unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (“UPVC”). UPVC is a common choice of fascia material, due to its relatively low cost, durability and water resistant properties.

We can provide you with a cost-effective solution to the installation or repair of your roofline. Our specialists are experienced at using a range of materials, from modern low-cost UPVC to more traditional materials such as wood or steel. Whatever your roofing needs, get in touch today for a free, no obligation roof inspection and quote. 


Soffit boards are found tucked underneath the fascia board, and are designed to protect the roof’s rafters and support beams from external elements while also enhancing the look of the roof. 

Like fascia boards, soffits are most commonly made of UPVC, due to the material’s affordability over other durable materials such as steel. UPVC also copes well with moisture, unlike wooden soffits which are susceptible to rot. Additionally, UPVC has good insulating properties and allows greater customisation compared to other materials, since it also comes in a range of finishes and colours.

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The purpose of a guttering system is to collect rainwater from the roof and direct the flow of water to an intended draining outlet. 

Polyvinyl chloride (“PVC”) is one of the most popular types of guttering material, due to its low cost, ease of installation and wide array of options and colours. Cast iron, steel, copper, zinc and aluminium are also popular options for gutter materials.

In addition to gutter system installations, our team can carry out complete maintenance solutions for you including gutter repairs and gutter cleaning. 

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