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Our team specialises in new roof installations and re-roofing of commercial and residential properties

At Twickenham Roofing we install or re-roof all types of pitched roofs. We work on re-roofing and roof installation projects throughout Twickenham and surrounding areas, including Brentford, Richmond, Wimbledon, Hounslow, Isleworth, New Malden, Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames, Teddington, Hampton, Feltham and more.

We believe pitched roofing work should only be performed by highly skilled and experienced roofers. Our work on installing and re-roofing pitched roofs in Twickenham and surrounding areas is always completed to the highest standard. We never compromise on quality, and ensure each customer is provided with the highest levels of professionalism, craftsmanship and customer care.

We re-roof and install new roofs using a range of materials and finishes, including slate, fiberglass, felt, EPDM and GRP.

If you are looking for a qualified, expert and reliable roofing contractor to install a new or replacement roof for your property we can help. Get in touch with us to discuss your roofing requirements and we’ll help you set out a clear, no-obligation plan to solve your issue.

Roof installations in Twickenham

We offer a wide range of roofing services to both domestic and commercial customers, including:

Our team of experts can provide solutions to all roofing queries. Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation roof inspection and quote.

New roof installations

There are various things to consider when installing a new roof, including the different roofing material types, the size of your budget, how long you want your new roof to last and how well the new roof compliments the existing design.

Our experts take you through each part of the process step by step to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your new roof.

Installing a high quality long lasting roof requires a lot of experience, specialist tools and good quality materials. When installing a new roof, our experienced professionals always ensure the highest levels of safely, quality and customer satisfaction. 

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Re-roofing your existing roof is the quickest and cheapest way to restore your roof’s durability and appearance. This is because re-roofing doesn’t require extensive materials or labour and doesn’t focus on replacing the entire roof.

During a re-roofing we strip the worn or damaged tiles and inspect the roof’s underlayment. We restore your timbers and install a new underlayment or felt paper to the deck to protect the roof from water and other elements. We then re-fit the existing tiles, or install new tiles if necessary, and finish the roof restoration with cement and lead work.

In some cases, only minor repairs or a partial re-roofing is required to solve the issue. If you are unsure whether you need a full roof replacement, a re-roof or some minor repairs, get in touch to arrange for one of our team to perform an inspection. After the inspection we can discuss your best roofing solution and provide a quote.


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When to replace your roof

How often should a roof be replaced?

The frequency at which a roof needs to be replaced largely depends on the roofing material. The ranges shown below are the standard lifespans of some of the most popular types of roofing material:

Asphalt shingles:  15-20 Years
Composite shingles:  40-50 Years
Metal roofing:  50-70+ Years
Tile roofing:  50-100+ Years

How can I tell when my roof needs replacing?

There are a number of indicators which can tell you that your roof is in need of treatment above and beyond a quick repair. Persistent leaks, cracking throughout the surface of the roof, holes, missing sections, buckling and sagging could be signs that your roof, or sections of it, need to be replaced rather than given a quick fix.

Storm damage and the ageing of your roof can also leave indicators that it needs to be replaced. Cracked shingles, uneven shingles, bald shingles, discoloration, mould and moss are all signs that your roof may need to be replaced.

If ageing or storm damage has lead to your roof losing its ability to effectively repel water, then there is a risk of further water-induced roof damage and mould growth if left untreated.

Our roofing specialists are experienced in dealing with different types of roof damage, water leaks and signs of an ageing roof. Our team can safely traverse various roof types and can perform a comprehensive inspection of your roof for signs of damage. We can also guide you on whether you need a roof repair or a complete roof replacement. 
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